(Frequently Asked Questions)

These are some frequent questions I get regarding Dragon Forge Design.

If there is anything I do not cover, feel free to email me at dragonforge at gmail.com

1. Who is Dragon Forge Design?

In short, it is me :) Jeff Wilhelm, sole owner, creator, worker bee, sculptor, mold maker, caster, packer, shipper and head honcho do it all. Someday I'd like to expand my ranks with maybe some freelance sculptors and outsource production but until that time is possible I do everything..Some days all I do from the time I get up to when I go to bed is make new bases for you my loyal customers!

2. When placing an order please make sure the following are correct.

Please make sure the e-mail address on your account is correct and up to date and an account you actually use daily and not some old Hotmail account you have not used for years. Any correspondence between us goes to that address.

If you contact me about your order, please uses the e-mail associated with your Pay Pal account.

Please make sure your delivery address is up to date and confirmed. I ship to the address provided to me.

2. I placed an Order, Now what?

When you place an order on my site you will receive a conformation e-mail from Pay Pal to the e-mail address on your Pay Pal account saying you just placed an order with me. At the same time you get an e-mail from Pay Pal I get an e-mail from Pay Pal saying you placed an order with me with all the details of your order. You can consider this your conformation e-mail that I have indeed received your order. In all the years I have operated Dragon Forge I have never ever not received an order placed on Pay Pal or have I missed shipping one.

I have a primitive website. It's not capable of sending you a "Hi, I got your order e-mail" nor do I have time to individually e-mail ever person a e-mail to say I have your order.

If you are concerned you may certainly send me an e-mail at any time.

3. How long does it take to get my order?

Current order processing time is 14 -21 business days. As I stated above I am a 1 man company. I cast all orders by hand to order. I have over 600 items in my line I don't keep an inventory of cast product. I pull the molds, cast, cleaned and pack the bases for your order.

Sometimes I'm much faster than this and of course if you have special needs about an order please feel free to contact me before placing it to discuss this.

I ship all orders 1st class and Priority Mail in the USA

I ship all order 1st Class and Priority mail for International orders.


3. Will you sell to my Retail store?

At this time I cannot supply retailers or distributors with my product. I am a one person company who does everything from sculpting, molding, casting, packing and shipping all orders. I am also a freelance miniature sculptor in the industry. With all of this I can only give 100% complete attention to my direct customer orders. At some time in the future if I can expand production I will look into this.

4. Do your bases come painted?

No, My bases come unpainted and require minimal clean up.

5. How do I paint your bases?

I have written a basic set of instructions for cleaning up and painting my bases. They are as follows.


Preparing Resin Castings for Painting

I cast my products in urethane resin, because it is durable, lightweight and affordable.

  1. Remove parts from packaging

  2. Remove any flash, mold lines or gates with a hobby knife, hobby file and sandpaper. I like to use sanding sticks to clean up the base edges.

    A sanding stick is either a pre made stick with abrasive sheet glued to it or in my case I make my own by gluing sandpaper to a flat stick like a piece of styrene plastic or popsicle/craft stick sold in many hobby shops. In my opinion they last longer, are cheap to make and work well to clean up things like this.

  3. I recommend all flat surfaces like the bottoms and edges of my bases to be lightly sanded with a 220-320 grit sandpaper to remove any mold lines and add a slight tooth to the resin surface. This will help paint adhere.

  4. I clean all my resin parts and bases with a mild grease cutting dish washing soap like Dawn and rinse them well in warm water.

    This helps remove any mold release.

  5. Completely dry, I usefully let them air dry.

  6. Attach figures to them. I use a 1/32 diameter brass rod/wire and drill into the feet and into the base and glue with a good CA glue. Sometimes I will pre-drill everything and glue the figure to the base once painting is done.

  7. Probably the most IMPORTANT part is to apply a good primer to the resin parts before painting with acrylic hobby paints. I use a good primer like Krylon spray primer or primer made by companies like Games Workshop. Automotive spray primer is good for this. Many primers are available in dark gray or black.

    Allow the primer to dry a good 24 hours before painting. Yes you can paint in 30 minutes but in my opinion allowing the primer to dry longer increases its strength and durability.

  8. Paint with your favorite brand of hobby paints.

I hope this helps you with painting your resin product you bought from me.
If you have any other questions feel free to ask me feel free to ask me